Therapy For Individuals, Children, and Families

For inquiries related to any of the services listed below, I offer a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation prior to your first appointment. 



I specialize in coming alongside women who want more. Women, of all ages, long for fulfilling connections, a strong identity, and the ability to know how to navigate relationships—to set boundaries, bond in healthy ways, with the right people, and get needs met. These things can be challenging to figure out on our own; most people weren’t given the tool set or the examples needed in early growing up life to do these things easily. In therapy, you will gain the courage, bravery, and clarity you need to move forward. Many women that I work with have endured loss and grief, and/or traumas, depression, or anxiety that cloud how they see themselves and the world around them. And to further complicate these matters, they are in the trenches juggling all the different roles they fill: running a business, being a mom, wife, daughter, or student. Unprocessed historical distress has a strong influence on emotional life and relationships, which leads to the sapping of energy, peace, and joy. I help women find the wisdom in and  heal from their wounds, hush the doubt, strengthen trust in self, and snuff out shame. Together, we will work to reclaim your true and authentic self, so that you can live a restored, sustainable, and vibrant life. 


To fully understand the important work we do as clinicians, it is imperative that therapists invest in understanding and caring for the well-being of their own lives. When therapists take the time to sit on the other side of the couch, we then understand the deep vulnerability and courage that our clients participate in each week. Working on ourselves- through unfolding our inner world, leads to sweet insights, and wholeness that we take into our everyday lives; and will undoubtedly affect, for the better, our work as therapists.


I have a special love for working with children. I am grateful that kids enjoy coming in my office and feel comfortable talking about hard things. I happen to think kids are amazing! And funny, and interesting, and beautiful, and also a little strange (I know this, because I have my own, and they do the most random things - like putting their toys in bowls of water, and freezing them overnight for no apparent reason at all). ​But kids are people, too - with hearts that are impressionable, and vulnerable, and they depend on parents for...almost everything. That said, it is practically impossible for a child to know how to manage their inner life and hold their emotions without guidance. I help children understand what is happening inside their hearts and minds, and come alongside parents to help them develop and keep a secure attachment. My work with children is in regards to a variety of different issues. I see children who are struggling in school with peers and other social situations; children who are suffering from grief and loss, or change; children who a bearing a difficult life circumstance, or who are just floundering altogether; and whose parents are having a hard time knowing how to help them. I use a relational paradigm, with play therapy, sand tray, paints, games, art, and sometimes talk therapy for the talkers out there. Together, we will work, as a team, to help you and your child find hope, relief, and security on the inside, to weather the storms of life.   

graduate students

People who are working on their graduate degrees in psychology are so much fun to work with! Most of the time, graduate programs require students to participate in a certain amount of hours of  personal therapy. Therapy with graduate students, however, transforms into much more than a requirement; it blossoms into a process of becoming. I love journeying alongside and connecting with students as they deepen self-awareness, hold tight to new and powerful insights, and grow as individuals and as therapists.  


No doubt the teenage years can be so much fun! It is also a time in life where the entire self is changing and emerging. Teens start coming into their own during adolescence; but as it is with every transformation, these years can be clunky, awkward, exhilarating, and frightening. Parents often experience a big push-pull during this stage of development, and aren't sure how to help their teen navigate through it all, because parenting a teen is different from parenting a child. I help teens who are in the midst of this struggle, and who are looking for outside support through it all. Bearing the new, complex emotional experiences of adolescence are quite different than they were just a few years back in childhood. For a teenager, the world is now more complicated; hence, they see more, and grapple with much more. I help teenagers transition into adulthood with curiosity, grace, and grounding.


Men, by design, have an emotional and spiritual being; this is how we were all, male and female, created. I help men find the strength in tending to their internal life, and offer a space for emotional wellness to emerge. Therapy is a safe space to un-clutter the mind so that you can thrive in your role at work, and deepen the connections with the people you care about the most. 


If you are married or in a committed relationship, you know that the connection you share with your partner has the potential to be one of the most beautiful and fulfilling bonds; conversely, if not well attended to, it can also be a lonely road to walk. Using attachment methods, I help couples gain the tools to better understand each other, become more self and other aware, and restore love and care between each other. If you have children, tending to your relationship is the best way to care for your family. If mom and dad have a quality connection, this will flow to the kids, and home life will be secure, peaceful, and joyful.


Groups that I run are safe places to share, connect, and belong.  I hold groups periodically for various purposes. Groups are a fun way to broaden the therapeutic experience to a social circle with the experience of finding meaningful connections around what are often painful areas in life.

Finding Your Voice-

A workshop/process group for adult women survivors of sexual trauma. We will be utilizing education, processing, art therapy, yoga, prayer, and breath work as healing modalities.

Next date - TBA

Location - Mariners Church, Irvine, CA

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Here - details coming soon

RELEASE and REVIVE - details coming soon

fees for services

$225-$250 per therapeutic hour (45/50 minute session)

I am not contracted with any insurance company but can provide a superbill if needed.

For any of the above mentioned services, I do not discriminate based on race, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation.  All are welcome.