Tips for Nourishing

Please visit my blog below for information on nourishing you, your relationships, your home life, your business life - your peace of mind.

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Body Mind Soul

"Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God."  Maya Angelou

Life is hectic.  We are constantly in motion: in thought, in driving around, in work, in relationships.  We rarely stop.  We rarely slow down enough to nourish ourselves and we end up running ourselves ragged.  This page is dedicated to slowing down, to taking it easy enough to breathe -- at least for a little while.  If you are a parent, like me, or in a relationship, or both, or a single parent, you are probably doing and giving a lot of nurturing.  However, if we are not careful enough to also nurture ourselves, we will soon become encumbered with stress and our bodies will be weighed down, clinched and tightened by aches and pains. Sit here and unwind a little.  Take some deep breaths, long exhales - go ahead and even grab yourself a cup of coffee, or chamomile tea, maybe put on some music. Read an article. Practice a tip for relaxing.  Just chill.

If you need a little space and time to nourish yourself, let this page be a place to visit for tips, encouragement, inspiration, and helpful meditation.  A place to rest your soul.