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Couples Therapy - (to be discussed with therapist)

75 Minute Introductory Parent Session - (to be discussed with therapist)

My Amazing Team ~

Andrea Owen, LCSW



Kristy is a Vanguard University Graduate. It has been fun to get to know Kristy; she has an authentic desire to meet people where they are at, and to create a space for deep healing. The populations she has been enjoying working with are those people who have incurred losses, traumas, and those who have just been having a tough time moving life forward.  She works with children, teens, and adults.  She especially loves those moments in therapy when the relational space between the client and the therapist lend to insights that foster healing.

Kristy Fowler, MS, AMFT

Associates of Marriage and Family Therapy

I’m guessing you may be reading this to get an idea of who I am or what I can offer as a therapist. I’ll do my best to fill you in.

I am peaceful, calming, straightforward, nonjudgmental, a good listener, and unafraid. Here are some of my specialties:

Couples: I am a peacemaker at heart and love facilitating discussion and connection on an emotional level, especially in working with couples. I have a knack for seeing both sides of the story and holding space for balance and connection.

Children: I am fascinated with children’s ability to process emotion and heal through art and play. As I have young children myself, I easily connect with kids and create an atmosphere where they quickly feel safe and free to process what they have been brought to face.

Moms: As a parent, I have also experienced first hand the hard stuff that comes up simply from being in the throws of raising babies, so I have a big heart for moms and love connecting and helping them face the hard stuff that is triggered by this stage of life.

Annie Brogger, LMFT, has been an amazing support in my private practice endeavor. I receive excellent guidance and support from her as she acts as my supervisor and direct consultant for cases. Thank you, Annie!

I love what I do, it’s an honor and a privilege to be invited into a person’s life and create a space where they have freedom to work through something that has been hindering their ability to connect fully with themselves and those around them.
There is hope and healing and I would love to help you walk into fullness.



Part of my (Annie's) practice involves the training and supervision of associates in marriage and family therapy. It has been an incredible joy to oversee the work of Serena McCormick, AMFT, and Kristy Fowler, AMFT. They are both naturally wise and have a special talent for speaking to the hurts that people collect along the way. They hold space for the tender places of the heart; being especially attuned to the lives of women, couples, young moms, and adolescents. Enjoy reading their bios:

Therapy For Individuals, Children, and Families

Hi! My name is Serena. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and therapist. You know what all of those roles have in common? Relationship. As we live and breath, we are also connected to others through relationship. This is where beauty and pain coexist. At times even our relationship with ourselves, what it’s like to sit in our own thoughts or feelings, can be difficult. While we have doctors for health, tutors for teaching, we also have therapists for relationships...matters of the heart and mind. And that's where I come in...

Andrea has been working with children and teens in a therapeutic setting through the school district as a licensed clinician for many years.  As a mom to three, she was ready to move into private practice; not just for the flexible schedule, but also because she enjoys working with women as well. Andrea has a glow about her: she creates an environment to tend to curiosity, heal wounds from the past, and to create a present that is vibrant and full. She is currently undergoing training in EMDR, and also enjoys using creative methods, like art therapy, to support the therapeutic process symbolically. Andrea is intentional in her work, can listen to the deep cries of the heart, and will probably also make you laugh!

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Individual Session - (45-50 minutes) $130

75 Minute Session -


Couples -

To be discussed with therapist

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