Therapy For Individuals, Children, and Families

​​What does it take to grow? Do people really change?  Many people say it isn't possible, but I believe inside of everyone, there is a seed for growth. That seed needs to be attended to with grace, trust, truth, and safety.  Therapy is a place for nurturing that seed so that abundant life can blossom.

Healing is found within the safety of a supportive and caring relationship.

I believe in the profound power of transformation that takes place between a client and a therapist.  This relationship creates room for discovery that leads to an authentic and unified life.

With a compassionate and truthful approach, I offer a safe space for you and to heal.  Life is hard.  The beauty of therapy is that your suffering is held with grace and understanding.  As a caring professional, I delight in making meaningful connections with my clients, to help lighten the burdens they carry, to make life more doable, free, and significant.  The process of restoration is a sacred thing - it is a joy to witness my clients come alive, reclaim their voice, awaken their worth, and develop trust in self. 

Are you tired of holding your burdens alone? Are you ready to reach out and let someone in? I'd be honored to take your call.

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